The Library of Statistics will be closed for customer visits in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus. Lending services are available by appointment. Please contact the library in advance to arrange the pickup of your loans.


Rules of the Library of Statistics

The Library of Statistics is a Finnish centre for statistical information that is open to everybody. Use of the materials and premises of the Library is subject to the following rules.

Library card

Subject to the limitations set on the use of the collections, private persons, the staff of Statistics Finland, other libraries, government agencies, business enterprises and other institutions are entitled to home loans.

To obtain a home loan, a customer must possess a library card of the Library of Statistics. A library card can be issued to any person who has filled in an application for one and whose identity has been verified. An enterprise or institution can also be issued a library card which must be signed by the person nominated responsible for its loans.

The Library must be notified immediately about name or address changes. Customers may check the information concerning themselves in the register if they wish.

The library card must be presented when checking out loan from the library.

The library card is personal, and the customer is responsible for any loans made on the card. If the card is stolen or lost the Library must be notified immediately.

Loan period

The loan period is four weeks. The loan period can be extended by renewals for four further weeks at a time provided there are no reservations for the borrowed material concerned. Loans can be renewed for a total of six times after which the borrowed material must be presented for inspection at the Library. The materials may then be taken out on loan again provided there are no reservations for them.

The borrower is obliged to return or renew any loans no later than on the due date. The material must be returned to the Library of Statistics.

Loss of borrowing right

If in spite of reminders loans are not returned within one week after the third return reminder, the Library will send an invoice for the borrowed material. If necessary, the matter will then be handed over to a debt collecting agency, whereby payment for the material can no longer be made to the Library. The customer will lose his/her borrowing right until such time as the material has been returned or replaced. Lost material can also be replaced by providing a corresponding publication in its place.

Home loans

Home loans are given from the collection with the following exceptions. The following are not given out on home loan:

  • Latest issues of international and some national statistics
  • Reference works
  • Periodicals
  • Only volumes of statistical publications published prior to 1950, which may only be used in the reading room
  • Archive material, which is released for reading room use in accordance with legislation concerning the secrecy of documents.

The availability of material can be checked from Tilastokeskus-Finna (at:


Customers may make reservations for material currently out on loan. Reservations can be made at the Library, by telephoning +358 29 551 2220 or by email to

Customers are notified by telephone or email when the reserved material becomes available at the Library. Reserved material will be held at the Library for one week from receipt of the reservation.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan refers to distance service and facsimile copy services. Interlibrary loans are ordered via libraries. The sender library determines the conditions for the loans and for the use of its services.

Upon request, the Library of Statistics obtains from other national or international libraries, and supplies to its personnel as originals or facsimile copies literature that is not in its own collections.

Interlibrary loan requests can be made at the Library of Statistics or by email to

Interlibrary loans sent by other libraries are only given out on home loan at the permission of the sending library.

Facsimile copies and interlibrary loans are sent to other national and international libraries from the collections of the Library of Statistics.

Facsimile service

Copies and printouts can be made of all publications of the Library at its premises. Copying is subject to the copyright legislation valid at the time.

Subject to the valid legislation on copyrights the Library will supply facsimile copies subject to charge from its collections.

Use of archive material

Archive material may be studied in the reading room of the Library. Subject to discretion, microfilmed material may also be given out on loan to general archives and libraries. Most of the material requires user rights.

User rights to electronic material

Customers of the Library of Statistics may use the electronic material at the customer premises of the Library. User rights have been obtained to the data and databases of Statistics Finland, and to e-magazines. There are user rights regulated with agreements but no proprietary rights to the electronic material. The conditions of the user licences vary by product.

User right licences usually forbid commercial use of materials and selling or releasing of materials to someone not in possession of a user licence for them.

Our personnel can help specify service-specific user rights.